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Great Crew!

On 4/23 I had my right knee replaced by Dr. Baione who I was referred to by Tara, who works at the Morganville office. Thanks to Tara, Dr. Baione and his staff everything went as planned. Then came my PT follow-ups. I met Tara and Donna who helped me coordinate my treatments with my personal schedule. They couldn’t have been more respectful and courteous during this experience. They should be considered a huge asset to UOA. Then it became time to start my actual PT. I had the pleasure of working with Joe Abadir and Mateo. They put me through a rigorous treatment plan which they formulated for me and addressed any and all of my needs and concerns. They were so respectful and professional that I almost forgot about the pain. They treated me more like a friend rather than a patient. When I first started my treatment I had difficulty walking and was in a lot of pain. I learned a new term called “range of motion” and this improved after each visit with them. I went from a walker to a cane to having the ability to climb stairs with no pain. All of this occurred in a much shorter time than I ever expected due to the way these two guys took care of me. If I ever owned a business it would be highly successful if I had employees like Tara, Donna, Joe, and Mateo. From Tara introducing me to Dr. Baione and his staff to going back to Morgaville again with Tara, Donna, Joe & Mateo, I had an extremely successful experience and I would highly recommend UOA to anyone that I know who has an orthopaedic issue. Great crew!

-Tom Hickey