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Life In Motion

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From feet and hands to knees; from tendons to bones—this edition of our Life In Motion magazine offers you both scholarly and practical insights into everything orthopaedic. You can discover the “whys and hows” of targeted training and explore breakthroughs in surgical techniques. Learn about surgical care blended with rehabilitation and study medical research from our expert orthopaedic surgeons. All this and more!

Take time to be enlightened by UOA’s Life In Motion magazine.

In This Issue
What’s Going On at UOA? 6
Those Darn Surveys 15
ACL Injuries in Children and Adolescents 16
Born to Run 18
Instrumented Testing of the ACL Injured Knee 20
Middle Aged Knee Pain 22
Fly Fishing Injuries 24
Diagnosing Common Shoulder Problems 28
Managing Neck Pain 30
Hand Injuries Among High School Athletes 32
Lumbar Spinal Stenosi 34
High Ankle Sprains 40
Minimally Invasive Surgery for Unstable Ankle Fractures 43
Hip Pain in Young Athletes with a Focus on Femoroacetabular Impingement (FAI) 46
Anesthesia Consultants of New Jersey (ACNJ) and Surgical Pain Relief 48

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