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Life In Motion

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From feet and hands to knees; from tendons to bones—this edition of our Life In Motion magazine offers you both scholarly and practical insights into everything orthopaedic. You can discover the “whys and hows” of targeted training and explore breakthroughs in surgical techniques. Learn about surgical care blended with rehabilitation and study medical research from our expert orthopaedic surgeons. All this and more!

Take time to be enlightened by UOA’s Life In Motion magazine.

In This Issue
Fifty Years of Orthopaedic Care 6
Total Ankle Replacement 14
Considering Joint Replacement Surgery? 16
Preventing Biking Injuries 22
The Evolution of Casting 26
Tragic Motorcycle Accident:
UOA Docs Help Patient Put His Life Back Together Piece by Piece
Blood Flow Restriction Training (BFRT) 35
Friday Night Lights 38
UOA Docs KNOW Sports Medicine 40
Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSDs) 43
Physician Directory 44
Did You Know? – Some Facts about Back Pain 52
Meniscus Root Tears 54
Rotator Cuff Surgery: Simply Life-Changing 56
The Importance of “Pre-hab” Before Surgery 57
Dr. Charles Gatt Receives Special Award for
Innovation from EJI Excellence in Medicine Foundation
UOA’s Recently Published Research 60

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