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Insurance Department

We have a team of health insurance specialists to help you understand your coverage for our services. Please provide us with your insurance card and ID number, and our representatives will gladly check with your insurance provider on your behalf. For questions about insurance and out-of-pocket expenses, please contact the appropriate staff member from the list below.

Insurance Plans Accepted

  • Aetna
  • AmeriHealth
  • Cigna
  • Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey (BCBSNJ)
  • Medicare
  • Oxford/UnitedHealthcare POS/PPO Plans
  • QualCare

We can work with all other plans that have out of network benefits.

To discuss your specific insurance benefits and any questions, please call us: 732-537-0909, ext. 2299

Insurance Department Staff

Takia Nash
Indemnity Specialist
Phone: 732-537-0909, ext. 2210
Fax: 732-564-9032
Email: TakiaN@uognj.com
Carriers/Accounts: Cigna, UnitedHealthcare/Oxford, School Insurances, Indemnity

Wanda Middleton
Auto Specialist
Phone: 732-537-0909, ext. 2208
Fax: 732-564-9032
Email: WandaM@uognj.com
Carriers/Accounts: No Fault Auto

Tracy Speer
Managed Care Specialist
Phone: 732-537-0909, ext. 2209
Fax: 732-564-9032
Email: TracyS@uognj.com
Carriers/Accounts: Aetna, AmeriHealth, Qualcare

Rose Rosenman
Workers’ Compensation Specialist
Phone: 732-537-0909, ext. 2207
Fax: 732-564-9032
Email: RoseR@uognj.com
Carriers/Accounts: Workers’ Compensation

Kimberly McNeff, CPC, CCOS
Revenue Cycle Manager
Phone: 732-537-0909, ext. 2203
Fax: 732-564-9032
Email: KimberlyM@uognj.com

Sandra Pereira
Medicare and Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield Specialist
Phone: 732-537-0909, ext. 2202
Fax: 732-564-9032
Email: SandraP@uognj.com
Carriers/Accounts: Medicare, and Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield

Pre-Certification Staff

Buffy McGinnis
Surgical Pre-Certification Supervisor
Phone: 732-537-0909, ext. 2214
Fax: 732-564-9032
Email: BuffyM@uognj.com

Marilou Eustacio
Surgical Pre-Cert Coordinator
Phone: 732-537-0909 Ext. 2201
Fax: 732-564-9023
Email: MarilouE@uognj.com

Kristina Rivera
Pre-Cert Coordinator
Phone: 732-537-0909 Ext. 1116
Fax: 732-564-9023
Email: KristinaR@uognj.com

Antra Arora
Ancillary Pre-Cert Coordinator
Phone: 732-537-0909, ext. 1115
Fax: 732-564-9035
Email: AntraA@uognj.com

Kerri-Ann Clarke
MRI Pre-Cert Coordinator
Phone: 732-537-0909, ext. 1115
Fax: 732-564-9035
Email: KerriC@uognj.com