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Body Composition Scan

Program Description

Our Body Composition program utilizes the GE Lunar Prodigy Scan to provide you with a precise analysis of how your body mass is broken down. This scan is superior to other methods of body composition testing because of its accuracy and ability to distinguish factors including age, gender and regional body analysis. The Body Composition scan provides accurate data on 3 primary measurements:

  • Bone Mass
  • Lean Tissue Mass
  • Fat Tissue Mass

Who Will Benefit from this Program?

  • Offered to anyone who is interested in learning more about his or her body composition
  • Useful for a healthy individuals undergoing a strength and conditioning regimen
  • Helpful tool for people beginning a weight loss program to determine what their starting point is and to later reference when gauging progress

For more information, read our blog about GE Lunar DXA Scanner for body composition.

Program Details

Explanation & Preparation Instructions

  • DXA total body composition with regional analysis can be used to assess both muscle and fat distribution and to assess fat and lean mass changes.
  • Pregnancy is a contraindication for DXA body composition. All female clients will read and sign a pregnancy questionnaire prior to scanning.
  • Consistent preparation for body composition is important for precise measures.
    • Scans should be scheduled in the morning.
    • No exercise the morning of the scan.
    • Fasting is recommended the day of the scan. Limit your water intake.
    • Your bladder should be emptied prior to scanning.
    • There is a maximum weight capacity of 325 lbs for this procedure.


Clothing should be light. Sports bras, exercise shorts or leggings without any metal, buttons or zippers are recommended. Remove all jewlery.

Textiles can affect DXA measured BMD and body composition results.  Even small amounts of reflective material could alter BMD and fat or lean mass results.Clothing of dense textiles (wool or denim) should also be avoided during DXA scanning.  Reflective material may be present in sports bras, running pants, and athletic shirts and should be avoided. Avoid sweatshirt and denim material when scanning .

1. Siglinsky E, Binkley N, Krueger, D. 2018 Do Textiles Impact DXA Done Density or Body Composition Results? J Clin Densitom 21: 303-307.



Offered by appointment:

  • To schedule your DXA total body composition, please call Evelyn A., RT, R, CBDT at 732-537-0909, extension 1109.

Single-body composition DEXA scan with consultation: $175.00*

Two consecutive body composition DEXA scans with consultation: $300.00*
DEXA scanning is only performed Monday through Friday during regular business hours.

*Both scans must be completed within one year. Total fee must be paid up front. Cash or credit card payments are accepted.

The scan takes between 7 and 10 minutes, followed by a consultation lasting about 30 minutes. You may contact us directly at 732-537-0200.

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Please give 24 hour notice for any cancellations.

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