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Body Composition Measurement

Body Composition Measurement

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Body composition is a term used to describe the percentages of fat, bone, and muscle tissues in human bodies. Body composition can be measured by a DXA test which is both accurate and convenient. A DXA body composition measures absolute or percentage of fat mass, lean mass and bone mineral mass. A whole body DXA scan analyzes these values and can even report them at a regional level. The interpretation of total and regional values can also be expressed in lean mass (LM) which equals lean soft tissue mass (LSTM). The DXA composition assessment is a powerful tool to distinguish changes in body muscle and body fat. For example, a body composition measurement can assess the effects of diet and/or exercise on the body.

Our office utilizes the GE Lunar Prodigy Scanner for Body Composition measurement. Our team are members of the International Society for Clinical Densitometry and have received training in the acquisition of body composition scanning.

A DXA measurement may be performed prior to starting a fitness program or a weight loss program. Serial testing can be performed to assess accurate changes in body composition that may not be as evident with simple weight assessments done with traditional scales.
Please feel free to inquire about our program if you are considering a whole body scan.

Patricia Seuffert, APN & Certified Clinical Densitometrist will perform and evaluate the scan results. A plan will then be developed to help clients reach their personal body composition goals.

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