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Praise To Dr. Kayiaros

I have been going to see Dr. Kayiaros for over 4 years. He did a total right hip replacement in April 2019 and a total left hip replacement in March 2023. There is not enough praise and thanks I can give him for how great the 2 surgeries went. I had hardly any pain coming home from either surgery. Dr. Kayiaros was professional, knowledgeable, and I trusted him and his staff completely. There was hardly any pain weeks after the surgeries. I was up and back to my normal routine in about 4 days post-op. I no longer needed a cane or a walker within 5 days post-op. I highly recommend Dr. Kayiaros and his staff. Also the first surgery was at RWJ Somerset, each person there was so caring and the hospital was good. The second was done at UOA facility upstairs in UOA main office. There too the staff was very good and everything went smoothly. Very happy with my results.

Eileen Pistilli