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Returning to the Field

For the past few months I have been working with Doctor Megan Varela (Woodbridge, NJ) to recover from a sports injury to my foot and ankle which resulted in multiple surgeries. I had been to another PT previously and after 12 sessions I saw zero progress. The recovery was not going well. I still had significant pain in the area and limited movement, and I feared my playing days were over. Megan was different. She did an assessment day 1 and developed a program that got progressively more challenging as the weeks went on. There were times when it hurt, but the difference was clear. Thanks to Megan and the staff and UOA I am virtually pain free and I will be returning to the field. She helped give me back something that I thought I had lost for good. I will always remain grateful. If I pick up another sports injury UOA NJ is the first place I will go for PT.