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UOA patient shares his physical therapy experience

I injured my shoulder on September 22, 2012 as a result of falling off my mountain bike and I needed surgery on September 23, 2012 to repair my fractured collarbone. I started therapy with another company in November 2012. On February 5th, 2013 I needed a second surgery to remove the plate and pins in my shoulder. I went back to the same therapist but it just wasn’t working. I wasn’t getting better. I decided I needed a change and decided to switch therapists. Based on a recommendation I called UOA and requested Lynn. During my first visit with Lynn I knew right away I made the right decision. She completely changed my program. There was an immediate improvement. She also gave me the confidence to work hard and if I stuck to the program and did my home exercises I would get better and I did. I would highly recommend UOA and Lynn.