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At UOA our team of spine surgeons specializes in simple and complex spine surgeries and has performed over 5,000 spine procedures.

Trauma, sports injuries, aging or normal wear and tear are a few factors that can lead to conditions that adversely affect the structure of the spine or damage the vertebrae and surrounding tissue. Disorders of the spine can cause pain and limit your quality of life. At UOA we specialize in procedures from minimally invasive techniques to complicated spinal reconstruction. Patients from all over the area are referred to the UOA spine department for their extensive expertise.

Dr. Gino Chiappetta, Dr. Matthew McDonnell and Dr. Ravi Verma diagnose and create a customized treatment plan for patients with spinal conditions. Our award-winning surgeons are leaders in their field and fellowship trained in spine surgery. In addition to rigorous orthopaedic studies, fellowship training provides comprehensive experience in spinal conditions, with an emphasis on diagnostics as well as both surgical and non-surgical treatment. This wide array of experience results in knowledge of all treatment options, allowing our department to exhaust all conservative measures before turning to surgery.

If surgery is indicated, our team utilizes minimally invasive procedures whenever applicable. Whatever the choice, they combine tried and true methods of care coupled with the latest in advanced technology.

Our ability to offer on-site physical therapy and pain management enhances the ease and effectiveness of your treatment at UOA. We function as a team, allowing for the individualized approach to your care, and communication of your case among our staff.  This enhances your return to function as well as benefitting your patient experience.

Our spine experts have developed their knowledge, skills and expertise with the goal of providing you the best spine care.

Myths and Misconceptions of Spine Surgery

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