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Special thanks to Dr. Monica for his excellence in shoulder reconstruction after a serious fall last July. The night of the accident my husband and I met with the Residents in the Emergency Room. We learned from them that I had suffered a serious fracture that required shoulder reconstruction. They also told us that this is not a common surgery such as hip and knee replacements. When hearing the news that I faced a surgical procedure that is not commonly performed and more complex, I became very apprehensive until Dr. Monica visited me in the Emergency Room.
I was fortunate to get Dr. Monica as my attending physician. Right away he put my mind as ease with his knowledge and ability to communicate in a straightforward yet compassionate manner what to expect. As a surgeon, he is both a skilled clinician and artisan. My shoulder is on the mend and getting better all the time. I am exceedingly pleased that my range of motion has surpassed all expectations. My sincere thanks to Dr. Monica for such a positive medical outcome.