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University Orthopaedic Associates of NJ has outstanding doctors, each with a specific area of specialty. While this may make you think that they will not know you personally, especially if you have injured more than one body area. The opposite is true. By your second visit you will have a repore that includes kindness, compassion, and the ability to put you at ease. They will answer any question including the day of your surgery. But don’t think that because they’re all surgeons that surgery is their first option. Physical therapy and pain management were just two of the modalities used before we decided after 2 – 4 years of treatment before surgery HAD to be scheduled. I have been going to University Orthopaedic Associates since about 1999. My husband also needed spinal surgery and had the same positive experience with Dr. Chiappetta. When my shoulder and upper arm were injured, Dr. Leddy’s response was physical therapy – not surgery. I cannot say enough tremendous things about UOA. They all provide the highest quality of care. No egos here – just sensational doctors creating an improved quality of life for all they touch.