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Division 1 Lacrosse Prospect Places Her Trust in Dr. Gatt

Torn ACL doesn’t stop star goalkeeper Jaqi Kakalecik from finishing her season on top

Jaqi Kakalecik, junior goalie for Hunterdon Central, came off the bench with her team losing 2-0 to make 10 saves and inspire her side to a 9-6 victory over Vernon in the final of the Hunterdon/Warren/Essex tournament, earning the MVP nod for her performance. The match came just a month after Jaqi was sidelined with a severe ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) injury on April 10. Dr. Charles Gatt of University Orthopaedic Association attended Jaqi, advising her to undergo intensive physical therapy to strengthen the muscles around her knee in order to finish out her season and maintain her prospects of playing in college. Under Dr. Gatt’s care, Kakalecik was able to complete her season as a starter and prepare to undergo arthroscopic surgery in August.

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