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Young Athlete Gets Opioid-Free ACL Reconstruction at UOA

When the state finals were over, Bridgewater Raritan High School senior Allison Lynch knew her high school soccer career was over, too. But she wasn’t dwelling on that. Allison, who was sidelined by a knee injury earlier in the game, was worried she wouldn’t be able to play at Rutgers in the fall as planned.

“I was going into a tackle, my leg got twisted, a girl fell on it and my knee just popped,” said Allison, 17. She headed for the bench, tried to walk it off and re-entered the game a few minutes later. She took one step sideways and her leg collapsed. That was it.

“My trainer said it wasn’t looking good, but I was stubborn,” said Allison. “I kind of knew in my head that something was wrong, but once I fell I knew for sure.”