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Dr. Kayiaros Featured on

Dr. Kayiaros Featured on

Dr. Kayiaros

University Orthopaedic Associates surgeon Dr. Steven Kayiaros was featured in an article on about one of his excellent patient outcomes. Patricia Cheshul came to Dr. Kayiaros with end-stage osteoarthritis in both hips. Dr. Kayiaros performed two hip replacement surgeries and gave her a new lease on life.

To treat Patricia, Dr. Kayiaros employed a technique that has been a differentiator for UOA in recent years. This technique is called a direct anterior approach (DAA) to hip replacement. In a DAA hip replacement, surgeons access the hip joint from the front. This allows them to preserve more tissue than in a standard hip replacement; they don’t have to cut any muscles.

The result is a faster and easier recovery for the patient. A direct anterior approach allows our surgeons to replace both hips at the same time, thanks to the minimal disability a DAA provides.

“The whole process, everything from start to finish, was remarkable,” Patricia told “There was a lot of detail, and that helps to prepare you. Just even the follow-up to make sure you’re doing OK. Everything has been really amazing.”

One of the biggest advantages to a direct anterior approach is that it minimizes the need for prescribing potentially dangerous and addictive painkillers. And, although Patricia decided to enter an outpatient physical therapy program after her surgery, many patients don’t need to.

Interestingly, a review of studies suggests that the rate of complications after DAA hip replacements drops when the surgeon performing the procedure is experienced. UOA surgeons such as Dr. Kayiaros have been performing DAA hip replacements for years and are some of the most experienced surgeons in the region.

UOA patients enjoy less pain, faster recovery times and an unmatched quality of life increase after a double DAA hip replacement. If you’re limited by hip pain due to severe, longstanding osteoarthritis, a DAA hip replacement may be the solution you need to get back to doing what you love. Request an appointment with a UOA surgeon today.