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Open Letter to Older Adults

Open Letter to Older Adults

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It’s better to age well than get old. It’s not fun to have the freedom to do whatever you want only to be limited by your body. You should enjoy the ability to participate in your life on your terms. Don’t lose your independence. Don’t let your body get old. Instead, take care of your body today to enjoy a better life tomorrow.

The Benefits of Exercise – If you use it, you won’t lose it.

Regular maintenance on your vehicle ensures it runs properly and safely for a longtime. If you don’t take care of your vehicle, it won’t take care of you. Once the transmission or engine goes, it’s time to buy a new car and start over. The human body is much the same. The enormous difference is that you cannot simply buy a new body when it starts to break down. It is crucial that we perform regular maintenance on our body and take it for the regular inspections…I mean check-ups.

Like a car, your body was designed to be in motion. Without regular activity your body will begin to break down.

Muscles, bones, and organs have a cost called calories. The proper number of calories in combination with exercise allows your body to be programmed to do anything you desire. From walking in the grocery store to playing with your dog.

It’s the difference between stumbling on the curb versus falling on it. If we don’t actively prepare our bodies to move, we lose the ability to move. Muscles and bones become brittle. We are just an accident waiting to happen.

Using Energy Effectively – Don’t gain the spare tire

Eating can be quite enjoyable. However, eating too much leads to a bevy of issues to our body. Calories allow us to move, muscles and bones to grow, and organs to function correctly. Eating too much food creates that spare tire around the midsection.

If the body is a vehicle, food is the amount of gas in your tank and air in your tires. Eating poor food is literally like putting sugar in your gas tank. Eating too much food is like overinflating your tires. It’s going to wear the tires out faster. Requiring them to be replaced. In the case of the human body, it won’t be tires you’re replacing it will be your joints.


Take care of your body before it begins to break down. It’s never too late to improve your quality of life through proper exercise and diet. While there are a lot of caveats to a proper diet, proper activity and exercise is a much simpler equation. Staying active today allows you to do what you love tomorrow. A health and wellness professional can be the key to ignite your journey into health and fitness safely and effectively. Feel free to contact UOA Performance and Wellness if you’re interested in living the rest of the life with the freedom and independence you desire.