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Express My Gratitude

During my year long hurdle, I am so grateful to have had outstanding medical care from Dr. Doumas and Kristen, hand therapist.

It was very difficult to foresee recovery from a disabling injury of bilateral radial and ulna fractures. Dr. Doumas was always encouraging and patient, answering questions and offering alternative strategies and expectations to my long term recovery. His treatment plan always left me with a positive perspective on outcome.

Kristen’s attention to detail explaining exercises, altering and making supportive braces, encouraged me to feel like “you could do this”. while empathetically acknowledging my limitations, she always turned a negative into a positive trying to find solutions to my loss of function. I never thought I would have use of my right hand again. Thank you Kristen, I am eternally grateful for all your knowledge, caring and support that enabled me to get this far.

 I would like to thank everyone who worked along side during my recovery. Jessica, also for your attentive care and friendly conversations. The nurses and all the x-ray techs were so patient and understanding, extending themselves in any way to enable the difficult positions necessary for evaluation. The front desk–Doreen’s friendly morning greetings and accommodating appointment changes!

I am coming to an end with treatment and feel like I’m leaving a caring family who over this challenging year helped me regain function and independence. Thank you all at UOA!