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I Couldn’t Be More Pleased

I spent about 14 months in physical therapy at University Orthopaedic Associates. I started a couple of months before the decision to have surgery on both shoulders, four months apart, with the first one in November 2020. My twice-a-week routine was always pleasant. From the ladies at the reception desk, to the many assistants that helped me along the way. They should all be commended for such consistency in customer care and support. 


As for my specific Therapist, Ryan Kay, I can’t say enough about him. I am one who seeks to understand my medical diagnosis and prognosis; (in detail). Not once did Ryan ever hesitate to explain things to me using one of the shoulder models or merely take the time to point out specific causes of pain and areas that required further development. He’d correct my form from way across the room, always ensuring that I avoid further damage. Although I progressed consistently over the past year, a turning point occurred when Ryan realized I backed off my strength training at home (for fear of re-injury) and was only stretching. This was during a period of “rollercoaster” levels of pain, from one day to the next. That’s when he emphasized the need to balance my home efforts to be disciplined in both areas of my development. My recovery for the next three months thereafter was drastic. The pinnacle was November 2nd, when Ryan insisted that I grab my tennis racquet from my car, to hit some serves in the back room. Having grown up on the tennis court and completed at the Division II collegiate level, I was truly overjoyed at the outcome. He actually believed in me more than I did. We ended up filming it to show my family and friends. Mission accomplished. I’m back on the court!


Lastly, (and importantly). I would be remiss if I didn’t acknowledge Ryan’s care and conscientiousness in tending to other patients beyond just me. Furthermore, his professionalism and warm personality when dealing with other patients, the assistants, students, and the front desk staff did not go unnoticed. 


All staff were supportive, friendly and knowledgeable, but I must say that all aspects of Ryan’s leadership contributed significantly to my recovery.  I couldn’t be more pleased!