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Dr. Baione Interviewed on Popular Radio Show

Dr. Baione Interviewed on Popular Radio Show

Dr. Baione

Dr. William Baione of University Orthopaedic Associates (UOA) was recently interviewed by Dr. Aurthur Perry on the popular radio segment What’s Your Wrinkle?® with Dr. Perry on 77 WABC Radio.

In the segment, Dr. Baione discusses:

  • Some of the overall history and developments of joint replacement
  • The struggles and advancements of hip replacements due to the difficulty of getting to the joint
  • Anterior hip replacement and how it allows the surgeon to detach the muscles around the hip, resulting in less pain, quicker recovery and protects the hip from a higher risk of dislocation
  • When a patient should decide to have an anterior hip replacement, such as when there’s advanced arthritis of the joint coupled with a failure of conservative treatment
  • The idea that joint hip prosthetics only last 10 or so years is outdated because of drastic changes in the materials they’re made of

Additionally, Dr. Perry gave Dr. Carlos A. Sagebien—and UOA as a whole—an honorable mention for the wonderful treatment and care of his mother a few years ago when she had her hip replaced.

Check out the full interview, which aired on September 29, 2018, below: